Survey Status

Legacy Survey observations began in August 2014. For each of the Legacy Surveys (BASS, DECaLS and MzLS) each position in the sky (minus some small filling factor) will be observed in three "passes" in each of three filters (\(g\), \(r\), \(z\)). The passes are observed according to the following criteria:

Pass Conditions
1 Photometric and seeing < 1.3 arcsec
2 (Photometric and seeing < 2.0 arcsec) OR (seeing < 1.3 arcsec) OR (all Pass 1 tiles completed)
3 Unphotometric OR seeing > 1.3 arc sec

MzLS and BASS mostly observe regions at Dec ≥ 32° whereas DECaLS mostly observes regions at Dec ≤ 32°. MzLS observes solely in \(z\), BASS observes in \(g\) and \(r\), and DECaLS observes in all 3 filters.

In addition to observations carried out as part of the Legacy Survey, data releases will include reductions of data from other programs in (\(g\), \(r\), \(z\)) that overlap the Legacy Survey footprint.

The figures below depict the (\(g\), \(r\), \(z\)) status of DECaLS as of Data Release 7 (DR7) and MzLS and BASS as of Data Release 6 (DR6), the most recent releases of imaging from the Legacy Surveys. The coverage is color-coded by (extinction-corrected) depth. The solid line depicts the Galactic plane.

/files/depth-g-dr6-7.png/files/depth-r-dr6-7.pngDR7 Depth Plots